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The all-Italian ability to offer a great quality food on the market, natural and with a sublime taste, is an example that our country can proudly display.
The selection of raw materials of the highest quality allows us to offer a unique product of its kind.

 ‪#‎Prolive‬, Made in Italy!

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Summer – Winter


Through the Prolive line, theFalco companyexpresses its philosophy and its values, creating a natural, balanced and tasty product.
Prolive is a unique and innovative food, a crispy nutritional bar, with excellent consistency and a taste enhanced by its highest quality ingredients..

At work, after exercise, for breakfast and more ….  – A #life with #ProLive
About Prolive



The selection of ingredients, is indeed for the company Falco an extremely important step:
a protein mix of high biological value protein consisting of whey and calcium caseinate which produces instant energy and offers the right energy to face in the best way any time of day; fine dark chocolate, milk and white; an assortment of cereals that create the crispness and taste; dried and dehydrated fruit in pieces full of many healthy properties.

Today Health, Nutrition and Fitness worlds are interconnected in a new vision of WELLNESS.

Prolive embraces and follows these new requirements, presenting itself on the market as a healthy, natural food with a sublime taste.



with Taste

Prolive is a brand produced by Falco Advanced Nutrition, true all Italian excellence and “MADE IN PUGLIA“.
Unique nutritional bars in the world as for their quality and innovated formulation, the result of years of experimentation.


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